Stay in Scenery Hill

The Century Inn

With a surprise announcement on Valentine’s Day 2018, the Inn announced it will be open for lunch and dinner, starting Wednesday, February 21st! They will have reservations only for the first few months, so please call in advance to reserve a table. Be sure to check out their website for update photos and menus!

With a humble frontier beginning in 1794, through two centuries of generous hospitality, the noble Century Inn has welcomed both stagecoach and modern-day visitors with fine dining and comfortable lodging. As the oldest continuously operating inn on the National Road, Century Inn has hosted many famous visitors including Andrew Jackson, the Marquis de LaFayette, Henry Clay, James K. Polk and Mexican General Santa Anna. In addition, the Century Inn has an outdoor gazebo, ponds, and beautiful gardens available during the warmer months.

2175 East National Pike
Scenery Hill, PA 15360

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Zephanie Riggles
House of Entertainment

During the 1800’s the Zephanie Riggles House of Entertainment was a bordello, popular with Coachmen, Drivers, and Bullwackers. Today there are lavish Bed & Breakfast suites, all with private bathrooms, can be found in this Rococo house with a double porch. The location is owned and operated by The Century Inn.

2176 East National Pike
Scenery Hill, PA 15360

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