Scenery Hill Civic Committee

The Scenery Hill Civic Committee is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is a group of volunteers that are dedicated to the historical, cultural, economic, tourism, and community needs of the Historic District of Scenery Hill, P.A. Our group focuses on community events, comprehensive planning, fundraising, and project implementation in our historic community.

We manage and run community events such as Scenery Hill’s National Road Festival, The Heritage Festival, The Outdoor Film Series, Light up Night, Winter Open-House, Spring Open-House, and many other events! View all current events here: We also manage Scenery Hill’s website:

The Scenery Hill Civic Committee was formed as a result of the fire that devastated the Century Inn. Many of us realized that others knew how special we, as a village were, better than we did ourselves. It was not lost to us but someplace back in our memories simmering and waiting for the right time. It is our aim to preserve the historic nature, to find ways to repair and restore our village not only in brick and mortar but to improve the lives and the sense of community that still simmers.

President: April Harrington, Secretary: Aram Asarian, Treasurer: Shirley Gaudette,  Heritage Festival Chair: William Harvey, Outdoor Film Series Chair: Aram Asarian, Great Gatsby Gala Chair: Megin Harrington, and National Road Festival Chair: Jan Dunker.

We meet monthly at 7pm at the North Bethlehem Community Center, the second Monday of every month. We invite you to get involved and join our meetings!

North Bethlehem Community Center (Former Scenery Hill School)
31 School Road
Scenery Hill, PA 15360